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Why we protest, why we rally.

I believe that societies, the human race – our humanity really -is diminished when we fail to acknowledge and embrace our interconnectedness.  Any harm to one, any violation to one, any injustice or injury to one, is a harm, violation, injustice and injury to all of us.  Whether it’s against the mutilation and destruction of black bodies, violence towards women, the detaining of immigrant families and the separation of mothers from children, or the terror experienced in Asian Communities – particular of late – and the murder of its members, we must protest.  In protest, we remind those who seem to have forgotten, that we are all members of the human family.

I stood next to an Asian-American man and his family.  His 2 kids were trying to get in front of me, so that they could see and hear the speakers.  He told me, “We come here to feel the support.  To express ourselves. To speak our hurt and hope that people will hear.  We bring our kids here, so that they will learn and see a way to lend their voices whenever they see injustice. This is important.” We resumed our chant, “Blacks Lives Matter. Asian Lives Matter. Our Lives Matter…” which slowly shifted to “This is what community looks like.”

Marie F. Leblanc

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