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I Am Not Your Good Negro



I hear you gasping loudly with your last breath of white supremacy

I will not bow to you

I will no laugh at your bigotry

I will not be Kanyed into celebrating your red hat Kavanaughed Klannery

I am not your Good Negro

I am Nanny of the Maroons, feminine and fierce, destroying your efforts with my African breath

I can’t be Amarosaed with your promise of ascension when you believe that we are sons of bitches from shithole countries

But like the phoenix from the ashes, still we rise…

I am Harriet Tubman building railroads right under your maggoted, racist eyes, too myopic to acknowledge the majesty that you know is US

I can’t be Carsoned into sharing an office of disgrace, because I am grace under fire, sister of Martin, Marcus, Malcolm and Mandela

I am Touissaint L’Ouverture, strategic and militant, you won’t see me coming, but I will blaze the trail to freedom

I am FREE, FIERCE and FIRED up, hopeful as I hear you gasp with your last breath

I am NOT your good Negro

And that you will learn in the resistant glow of the red, green, gold and Black




Jamaican born and raised Nadine L. Leblanc is an Educator and Cultural Critic residing in South Florida. She is currently a PhD candidate at Florida Atlantic University.



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